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Jul 17

Jimmy Garoppolo Takes Charge, Richard Sherman Steps In: 10 Thoughts on the 49ers

In the second half of last season, McVay used three wide receivers and one back nearly 90 percent of the time. He often aligned those receivers tight to the formation, where they were threats to run-block and had enough field around them to go left or right after the snap. That two-way go, mixed with outside zone runs, make more play-design possibilities available. The Rams capitalized with a precise timing-and-rhythm aerial attack and clever backfield passing game that often leveraged running back Todd Gurley off the wide receivers’ routes.

The opportunity to interview every quarterback picked in the first round of the NFL draft, all together at once, doesn’t come often. As the five first-round passers walked into the Sports Illustrated suite at the Beverly Hilton during the NFLPA Rookie Premiere, it dawned on me: This may never happen again. Try to imagine a scenario where Baker Mayfield, Sam Darnold, Josh Allen, Josh Rosen and Lamar Jackson are together again. They’ll go to their teams, live and train in different cities in the offseason, and most likely never be in a room with more than three members of this elite group.

So here was my only shot to get these future faces of the NFL—five men who shaped their college football programs and were arguably the largest individual revenue drivers at their respective schools—to talk about amateurism, the NCAA, and the possibility of paying players, a topic near and dear to my heart. I popped the question halfway through the half-hour sitdown, and Josh Allen almost fell out of his seat. He playfully leaned on Sam Darnold, away from Josh Rosen. Darnold leaned on Baker Mayfield. They all pointed at Rosen, the man with the most outspoken opinions on amateurism. Rosen, sadly, said it wasn’t the right time to get into it.

Favre is from Gulfport, Miss. and went to college at Southern Mississippi and is probably the most popular NFL player from the state, giving him a prominent voice in the community.

Hyde-Smith is the Republican candidate in the special election for the United States Senate seat in Mississippi that she was appointed to in April.

The election will take place Nov. 6, and Hyde-Smith will be going against fellow Republican Chris McDaniel and Democratic candidate Mike Espy.

Last season, Washington’s run defense ranked dead last in the NFL. But the defensive line might be the strongest position group on the roster, anchored by two Alabama defensive tackles selected in the first round in back-to-back years. Pairing Jonathan Allen, returning this year from his season-ending foot injury, with Daron Payne and fifth-round pick Tim Settle, should strengthen the front and open up opportunities for Ryan Kerrigan and Preston Smith off the edge.

Jul 14

Logan Ryan doing boxing work with Eddie George to prepare for season

It’s not unusual to hear about current NFL players training with former players as they get ready for a season, but Titans cornerback Logan Ryan’s choice of workouts with one of the franchise’s past stars is a bit off the standard path.

The Titans knocked a team out of the playoffs for the first time since George was part of the backfield when they beat the Chiefs last season and they’d like to extend their season even further this time. Ryan will play a big role in that attempt and success could lead others to the ring come the 2019 offseason.

Masoli passed for 333 yards this week in the Hamilton Tiger-Cats 18-13 loss to the Saskatchewan Roughriders. It was Masoli’s ninth consecutive game with at least 300 passing yards, tying the CFL record.

Sam Etcheverrey and Kent Austin also had nine games in a row with more than 300 passing yards.

Masoli gets a chance to break the record July 19 when Hamilton hosts Saskatchewan in a rematch.

He leads the CFL with 1,378 passing yards in four games, though Masoli has only four touchdowns and has thrown four interceptions.

The former Mississippi standout led the Ticats to a 6-4 finish last season after taking over as the starter, earning him a contract extension and the starting job. But when Hamilton added Manziel, it was presumed Masoli wouldn’t keep his job.

Alas, Manziel has yet to play.

Jul 12

Cleveland Browns rookie quarterback Baker Mayfield plays with a gigantic chip on his shoulder.

So Fox Sports’ Colin Cowherd probably should’ve known Mayfield wasn’t going to take criticism sitting down during an interview Thursday.

Especially when it was half-baked, lazy criticism made in bad faith.

Mayfield, 23, hasn’t always been a squeaky clean player between the lines. He apologized for planting an Oklahoma flag in the middle of the Ohio State logo in Ohio Stadium after a win in September 2017, and apologized again in November when taunted Kansas players by grabbing his crotch.

For much of the time before the 2018 NFL Draft, he had to convince teams he could rein in his competitiveness and pettiness when necessary. That would’ve been a fair criticism.

Instead, Cowherd insinuated that Mayfield is a bad teammate for … not celebrating every single touchdown by joining his teammates in the end zone?

No, I don’t think that. I think sometimes your judgement is a tad off, and I think the NFL is a judgement league. The game is so fast. The windows get really, really tight and really, really small. You’ve got to make decisions really, really fast. In college, you’ve got that Orlando Brown, you’ve got a little more time. I don’t love that decision. I don’t love it.

Sure, Colin.

In 2010, the Lakers and Celtics met in The Finals — a series that didn’t feature LeBron James.

There is joy mixed with relief mixed with enthusiasm among the East contenders. This proved evident here in Las Vegas, the unofficial offseason gathering spot for every team as the NBPA and owner’s meetings all happen under one very scorching sky. Executives, coaches and players from East teams are in a noticeably good mood. Their palms are red from being rubbed together.

They know they have a chance now.

A lot of teams are thinking, ‘Hey, why not us?’ There’s a lot of that going on, said Nick Nurse, the newly-hired coach of the Toronto Raptors.

That’s interesting, because there’s a very good chance Nurse would still be a Raptors assistant coach if not for LeBron.

Jul 10

Houston’s 2017 season would have looked different, but Deshaun Watson could have always been its future.

The 2017 NFL season was marked by chaos. Injuries. Feuds between players and coaches. Feuds between owners. Feuds between owners and Roger Goodell. Trump.

But there was still joy to be found in the NFL in between those pockets of turbulence. One of last season’s bright spots was just how much of a delight Tony Romo was in his transition to the broadcast booth. Each week he telegraphed plays before they happened, as if he were in possession of the Eye of Agamotto. He gave us insight into safety blitzes, man coverage, and the impenetrable mind of Bill Belichick. He was comfortable watching an inscrutable play unfold and charmingly providing an ooooh, ehhhh, pffffftttt? narration. Above all, he was clearly having a blast, and that combination of expertise and enthusiasm made listening to him a treat — even, most impressively, for Thursday Night Football games.

Maybe this works out. Let’s not prejudge anything.

Dooley’s never been an offensive coordinator or a quarterbacks coach before. He’s both at Mizzou, taking on that particular position title for the first time.

As for Nelson himself, his lateral agility seemed shot after returning, and although he still had a 1200-yard season in his return campaign in 2016, his yards-per-reception number dropped precipitously. Nelson had averaged over 15 YPR in each of the previous four seasons, but it fell to 13 in 2016 and declined even farther to a measly 9.1 a year ago.

If not for that injury, Nelson might still be a Packer and a significant offensive contributor.

This scenario looks back at what the Packers might not have done this offseason if Rodgers were around. With him starting and finishing the game last year, the Packers went 4-2; with Brett Hundley in the game, they were just 3-7. Even with a bad defense (particularly against the pass), Rodgers being on the field would likely have resulted in a few more wins and probably a playoff berth.

Jul 06

Alan Busenitz (2-0), the sixth reliever for Minnesota, pitched 1 2/3 innings for the victory.

The Twins were one out from winning in the ninth inning, but closer Fernando Rodney walked pinch-hitter Daniel Palka, a former Twins farmhand, on four pitches to force in a run. Rodney quickly retired the first two hitters, but Yolmer Sanchez singled to start the rally. Rodney hit Tim Anderson with a pitch, and Tilson walked to load the bases before Palka came to the plate.

Giolito recovered after walking the bases loaded in the first for his lowest-scoring outing this season. The 6-foot-6 righty, who lowered his ERA from 7.01 to 6.59, allowed one run on four hits and four walks in 6 1/3 innings. He has issued the most walks in the AL with 51.

While the Islanders were embarrassed by the Tavares decision, no team was more humiliated by it than the Montreal Canadiens.

First, they didn’t even get an invite to pitch the top free agent of the summer. Then, they watched him sign within their division and with their blood rivals, the Toronto Maple Leafs. Factor in trading Galchenyuk for Domi, who is not a center, and then acquiring Joel Armia from the Jets, who has rarely played center, and the Canadiens remain a donut.

But hey, at least they brought back Tomas Plekanec so he can retire as a Canadien.

The Jets offered Stastny a three-year deal (the same term he accepted with the Vegas Golden Knights) but were not able to match Vegas’ $6.5 million per year. The Jets had their perfect No. 2 center within grasp — and could do nothing but let him walk away.

David Perron inked with the St. Louis Blues, James van Riemsdyk signed with the Philadelphia Flyers, Thomas Vanek with the Detroit Red Wings. Remind us, what year is this again?

In fact, only one other qualifying QB who played all 16 games threw fewer interceptions. When you keep the ball, good things happen, which explains why, over the past three years, only five QBs have more weekly top-two finishes than our guy. He can single-handedly win you a week, which explains why he’s top five in total fantasy points over the past three years as well. Instead of trying to play the matchups each week, just draft Quarterback B and never worry about the position again.

Jul 05

While Jordan’s offensive value has been something of a given, his defense has fluctuated throughout his career, and last year it saw a downturn in that regard.

Whether by trade or as a free agent, there has been a growing sense over the past week that Jordan was headed to Dallas three years after spurning an agreement with the Mavericks to re-sign with the LA Clippers in the summer of 2015.

The most interesting news, then, is the one-year duration of this contract — approaching the value of the $24.1 million player option Jordan declined on Friday, per Marc Stein of The New York Times. I’m a little perplexed the two teams couldn’t agree on a trade that would have seen Jordan opt in and get traded into Dallas’ cap space, a move that would seem better for both sides. The Mavericks would have gotten Jordan’s full Bird rights in the event they stay over the cap next summer, while the Clippers would have created a $24 million trade exception to use over the next year.

If Jordan is going to be an offense-only center, he’s not worth $20 million-plus, particularly as he advances into his 30s. Fortunately, Dallas’ exposure is limited because of the one-year deal.

Because of the pay cut he took last season to help the Warriors manage their luxury-tax bill while re-signing Andre Iguodala and Shaun Livingston, Durant was limited to a starting salary of $30 million on the kind of one-plus-one deal he ultimately accepted. To unlock his full max of $35.7 million, Durant would have had to sign a contract for at least two full years using early Bird rights. So he prioritized the flexibility to return to free agency in the summer of 2019 — and potentially then sign a full five-year max in Golden State, having attained full Bird rights by playing three years with the team.

The decision was meaningful for the Warriors, who remain deep in the luxury tax. Coincidentally, the amount of money Durant will forgo ($5.7 million) is similar to the amount of the taxpayer midlevel exception Golden State can utilize in free agency ($5.4 million). The potential for the Warriors to use that money to add to the roster — in a summer when $5.4 million could go a long way because of the cool market for free agents — might have helped convince Durant to go in this direction.

Jul 03

Star John Tavares tells Islanders he’s leaving

The day New York Islanders fans hoped would never come has arrived. Franchise center John Tavares has told the Isles that he will be signing with another team, according to multiple reports.

The Athletic was first to report the news.

The basketball-first arena has had ice issues and sightline problems for hockey, however, and the Islanders announced they are building their own arena at Belmont Park. Until it is done in 2021, the team will be splitting time between Barclays and a refurbished Nassau Coliseum. The Islanders had been hoping that Tavares would remain to be the star on their new stage.

Tavares is coming off a six-year, $33 million contract.

Strikeouts had topped hits in a full month for the first time in April, when then there were 6,656 strikeouts and 6,360 hits. The previous low differential was in April 2017, when there were 138 more hits than strikeouts.

There were 7,033 hits and 6,971 strikeouts in May.

Strikeouts per game averaged 16.9 in June, up from 16.75 in May but down from 17.5 in April, which was a record for a full calendar month. Strikeouts have set a record for 10 consecutive seasons, and this year’s rate projects to 41,464. That would shatter last year’s mark of 40,104; the total was 32,884 in 2008.

There have been 2,822 home runs in 1,236 games, an average of 2.26. That represents a drop from 2.52 last year through June, when there were 3,024 in 1,199 games.

Jun 27

Aaron Donald named PFF’s No. 1 player in the NFL for 2018

Aaron Donald named PFF’s No. 1 player in the NFL for 2018 More Aaron Donald put together one of the most impressive seasons by an interior defender in NFL history last year, and that’s not an exaggeration. Consider this: He missed all of OTAs, all of training camp and the first week of the season. He transitioned from a 4-3 to a 3-4 defense without practicing once in camp with the team. Add in the fact that he also sat out Week 17 with the rest of the Rams’ starters and still went on to win Defensive Player of the Year.

Shannon Sharpe, the Hall of Fame tight end (who is quick to lobby that his big brother, Sterling, deserves a gold jacket), was so passionate Friday on his FS1 show while reacting to the Owens saga. Sharpe, like so many others, is at a loss to understand Owens’ decision. He used sheer numbers to put the honor into context, pointing out that more than 25,000 players have played in a game during the NFL’s 98-year history. Including the new class, there are just 310 Hall of Famers, including coaches, owners and other contributors.

Dylan Covey (R), 20 percent, Chicago White Sox vs. Oakland Athletics: Covey quietly has been fantasy-relevant over the past month. The right-hander sports a 2.36 ERA and 8.4 K/9 over his past six outings, allowing two or fewer earned runs in all but one start. The key to his success has been keeping the ball on the ground (60 percent ground ball rate) and in the yard (0.22 HR/9). Covey’s skill set doesn’t necessarily match up with a sub-3.00 ERA, but he should be able to hold down an A’s team that sports an 87 wRC+ over the past 30 days.

Jaime Barria (R), rostered in 20 percent of ESPN leagues, Los Angeles Angels vs. Toronto Blue Jays: Barria was roughed up a bit his last time out (6 ER in 4 IP against Arizona). Prior to that, however, he’d held a 2.61 ERA over his previous eight starts. While Barria is not a big swing-and-miss guy (7.4 K/9), he has good control (2.0 BB/9) and a favorable home park that suppresses both runs and homers. The Blue Jays, meanwhile, are not a team to fear. They’ve been league average against righty pitching this season with a 23.5 percent whiff rate.

Jun 25

Modest N.J. home of longtime Giants GM now listed for under $500K

The home of former New York Giants general manager Jerry Reese went on the market in mid-April for $549,999, but after another slashing of the listing price, the Morris County home is now listed for under $500,000.

Reese bought the home with his wife, Gwen, for $257,500 in 1999, right in the middle of his rise through the organization from a college scout, starting in 1994, to when he was named the team’s general manager, in 2007. In total, Reese worked 23 years for the Giants, helping assemble two Super Bowl-winning teams.

After a 2-10 start in 2017, the Giants fired Reese and head coach Ben McAdoo, who is also selling his New Jersey home.

Houston’s Carlos Correa (458,367) surpassed Cleveland’s Francisco Lindor (420,674) and Didi Gregorius of the Yankees (413,135) in pursuit of Machado at shortstop, and 2017 NL MVP Giancarlo Stanton (478,872), now of the Yankees, continues to trail Martinez at designated hitter.

For the fourth consecutive season, MLB’s All-Star Balloting Program will be conducted exclusively online and via mobile devices at, all 30 Club web sites and the MLB At Bat and MLB Ballpark mobile apps. Beginning on Friday, June 1 st, fans around the world can cast their votes for starters a total of 35 times with the 2018 Camping World MLB All-Star Ballot, including a maximum of five valid ballots cast in any 24-hour period. Additionally, when fans vote they have a chance to win a 2019 Freedom Elite Motorhome, valued at over $85,000.

More NFL news Carson Wentz throwing well at Eagles minicamp, but not yet cleared for full activity According to Tim McManus of ESPN, Cullen got a call from the team about being fitted for a ring and said it must be an error, since she hadn’t worked for the team since Kelly’s second season, when the coach fired her despite Cullen having been with the Eagles since 1985, having worked for a ridiculous seven different head coaches.

No, it’s not an error, a team employee told Cullen when she replied with confusion. Call me. We need to get you fitted. Desperately wish you had a 30-minutes-or-so, daily NFL podcast in your podcast app every morning by 6 a.m.? Put some Pick Six Podcast in your life and join Will Brinson as he breaks down the latest news and notes from around the league, as well as the win totals on a team-by-team schedule. It’s a daily dose of football to get you right for that commute or gym trip.

During the voting period, the 2018 Camping World MLB All-Star Ballot will be available in English, Spanish and Japanese, and will offer audio CAPTCHA functionality for visually impaired fans. Banco BHD Leon will once again sponsor online All-Star balloting in the Dominican Republic, making Spanish-language ballots available to fans in the Dominican Republic via, the official Spanish-language web site of Major League Baseball.

Jun 22

Report: Baker Mayfield not ready to compete with Tyrod Taylor

A year after the Browns thrust then-rookie quarterback DeShone Kizer into a Week One starting role, the Browns appear intent to do the opposite, keeping quarterback Baker Mayfield on ice for as long as possible.

If that’s the plan, Mayfield is making it easier to implement. Here’s an assessment of the competition, if there is one, between Mayfield and Tyrod Taylor, from Dan Labbe of the Cleveland Plain Dealer: This is where I tell you that, based on the six practices of OTAs and minicamp that were open to the media, Mayfield did not look ready to compete with Taylor for the No. 1 quarterback job.

Already, those on the scene see a difference.

They’re a lot closer than they were last year, Ellison said of the offensive line. They want to be a unit and they want to be around each other, so that’s pretty cool to see.

As for Flowers, Ellison said, I like him at right tackle. He’s a strong dude, he’s an athletic dude.

The interaction between Titans players and our officers was exceptional, Nashville Police Chief Steve Anderson said. The conversations were relaxed, and it was clear that both groups had a good time being with each other. This was an outstanding idea by Jon Robinson and I am grateful that he brought it to us.

Titans coach Mike Vrabel said there was no connection between the event and NFL players’ protests against police shootings.

I think this is about us being with the police officers in our community and gun safety. I think there was a lot of things that you can accomplish. Just like when we go out on the practice field, Vrabel said.

Thursday represented the Titans’ last day of work before training camp opens in late July.

I know everybody’s name. I couldn’t say that before. I’ve talked to everybody in this locker room, and we all talk amongst each other. We all mesh well. That’s gonna pay dividends on game day.

A team on the rise?

Very, very on the rise, and you’ll just have to see, Lee said.