Jul 12

Cleveland Browns rookie quarterback Baker Mayfield plays with a gigantic chip on his shoulder.

So Fox Sports’ Colin Cowherd probably should’ve known Mayfield wasn’t going to take criticism sitting down during an interview Thursday.

Especially when it was half-baked, lazy criticism made in bad faith.

Mayfield, 23, hasn’t always been a squeaky clean player between the lines. He apologized for planting an Oklahoma flag in the middle of the Ohio State logo in Ohio Stadium after a win in September 2017, and apologized again in November when taunted Kansas players by grabbing his crotch.

For much of the time before the 2018 NFL Draft, he had to convince teams he could rein in his competitiveness and pettiness when necessary. That would’ve been a fair criticism.

Instead, Cowherd insinuated that Mayfield is a bad teammate for … not celebrating every single touchdown by joining his teammates in the end zone?

No, I don’t think that. I think sometimes your judgement is a tad off, and I think the NFL is a judgement league. The game is so fast. The windows get really, really tight and really, really small. You’ve got to make decisions really, really fast. In college, you’ve got that Orlando Brown, you’ve got a little more time. I don’t love that decision. I don’t love it.

Sure, Colin.

In 2010, the Lakers and Celtics met in The Finals — a series that didn’t feature LeBron James.

There is joy mixed with relief mixed with enthusiasm among the East contenders. This proved evident here in Las Vegas, the unofficial offseason gathering spot for every team as the NBPA and owner’s meetings all happen under one very scorching sky. Executives, coaches and players from East teams are in a noticeably good mood. Their palms are red from being rubbed together.

They know they have a chance now.

A lot of teams are thinking, ‘Hey, why not us?’ There’s a lot of that going on, said Nick Nurse, the newly-hired coach of the Toronto Raptors.

That’s interesting, because there’s a very good chance Nurse would still be a Raptors assistant coach if not for LeBron.

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