Jun 20

N.J. lawmakers ignore leagues’ pleas over sports betting

Murphy spokesman Dan Bryan said in a statement the governor has long been supportive of New Jersey’s right to allow sports betting and he wants to ensure that the proposed regulatory scheme is fair and reasonable.

A source familiar with the situation said Murphy is not expected to sign the bill this week.

Johnson became Patient Zero for a precedent that faced increased scrutiny when the Cowboys ‘ Dez Bryant and the Steelers ‘ Jesse James — among others — had big plays overturned in high-profile, nationally televised games. In an effort to simplify a rule that had grown downright labyrinthine, league owners voted unanimously this offseason to remove the going to the ground portion of the process.

What Beckham will be doing at next week’s practices remains to be seen, however. Shurmur said on Monday, via multiple reporters, that it is possible that Beckham will receive medical clearance for team work by that point. Beckham has been limited to individual drills when he has been at practices this offseason as he works his way back from last year’s fractured ankle.

Jackson worked off the bench for the most part and wound up seeing action on 60 percent of the team’s defensive snaps. He limited receivers to a 34.9 percent catch rate and 151 yards in that work, which made his play better known to those in the analytics community than to the general public.

Owens’ two-year stint with the Eagles came to an end after his relationship with McNabb soured, and he went through a bitter contract dispute with the front office before signing with the Dallas Cowboys, where he played three seasons.

Technological advances have provided networks with high-definition, frame-by-frame replays dissected Zapruder-style and interpreted for the viewing audience in complicated legalese. A replay system initially installed to correct obvious mistakes is now intruding on all major U.S. sports with time-consuming, multi-angle investigations beyond the capabilities of the naked eye.

I think you (have to take the human element) into account, Johnson added. Yeah, slow motion can show every bitty frame, but you have to also take into account what actually happened in real time, I feel like. You take it slow mo and that easy catch can turn into, ‘Dang, he bobbled it a little bit.’

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