May 25

Tom Brady, Rob Gronkowski miss OTAs but get ‘usual treatments’ at TB12 center, report says

Quarterback Tom Brady and tight end Rob Gronkowski, absent for the second straight day from the Patriots’ voluntary organized team activities, were expected to get “their usual treatments” Tuesday at the TB12 Sports Therapy Center, the Boston Herald reported, citing an unidentified source.

The TB12 center’s self-proclaimed “comprehensive, customized, sport-specific and position-specific programs” are based on the holistic system Brady and his personal team have developed and that has caused friction between him and the Patriots.

Tepper owns a pair of brass testicles, which can be found on his desk at his Appaloosa office. New York Magazine describes them as “cartoonishly huge and grotesquely veiny, affixed to a plaque inscribed with the words, ‘THE MOST VALUABLE SET OF ALL TIME.'” They were a gift from a former employee.

The Teppers hired Ashlee Simpson to sing at their daughter’s bat mitzvah. On Tepper’s 50th birthday, he danced on stage at the Mandarin Oriental with Ellen DeGeneres and sang with Sheryl Crow.

Said Steve Miller, the former CEO of Delphi, which in 2009 filed a lawsuit against Appaloosa, to New York Magazine: Tepper has “a touch of arrogance, but he’s really entitled to it. He’s the kind of guy who moves ahead while you are trying to figure out what to do with your pawn. His ability to do math, really complicated balance-sheet math in his head, was awesome. But he’s impatient with us lesser mortals.”

Williams, 28, was arrested on the public intoxication charge, a Class C misdemeanor, when he was located riding an electric scooter near his home, according to the Star-Telegram’s report.

Stevens should chance more time with Horford at center, and shift perhaps all of the Monroe/Yabusele minutes to Semi Ojeleye, who can at least hit a wide-open corner 3 and absorb some of the LeBron assignment on defense. (You don’t defend LeBron. You just absorb time trying to.)

Cleveland also switched whenever possible on Horford pick-and-rolls, often by slotting bigger defenders — Jeff Green, LeBron — onto Smart. (I wonder if we might see more of LeBron on Rozier as the series progresses.) You could see Horford digesting that, and searching out responses.

During the NFL owners meetings in Atlanta this week, team co-owner Kim Pegula expressed doubt about the organization’s ability to build a new stadium.ravens_169

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