May 15

2018 NFL Draft Day 3 Live Reaction

Looking for the best NFL draft coverage around? Bleacher Report is the go-to destination for armchair quarterbacks everywhere that are looking for full results and picks from the 2018 NFL draft.

Watch as Bleacher Report Lead NFL Draft Analyst Matt Miller and his Stick to Football podcast co-host Connor Rogers give live scouting reports for Day 3 of the 2018 NFL draft.

Almost every poll taken over years shows public revulsion over what people see as the outsize and corrosive influence of money in politics. Through one change in campaign finance laws after another, public cynicism toward money in politics has hardly moved in a positive direction. People know how much time and effort candidates spend raising money, and many believe that the transactions involve some kind of quid pro quo that is to the detriment of the common good, whether true or not.

During the campaign, Trump bragged about how he exploited the campaign finance system. He said he gave money to political candidates to buy access. When he came calling, he said with typical Trumpian flourish, the politicians would kiss his backside to try to help him. I alone can fix, he also claimed, what he said was wrong with Washington.

I plead the Fifth, Brady said at the Milken Institute Global Conference. Man, that is a tough question. Yeah, I mean, they appreciate…I think everybody in general wants to be appreciated more at work.

Brady added that Belichick is not only the best coach in the history of the NFL but also the best for me because Belichick maximizes talent.

There’s no people I’d rather play for or be committed to than the team that I’ve been with for a long time, Brady said.

Shazier was on hand to cheer on the Steelers during their Divisional Round game against the Jaguars.

He spoke to his teammates in the locker room to encourage them, according to CBS’ broadcast. tigers_070-115x115

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