Apr 21

Will Giants pass on a quarterback?

The most recent reporting regarding the Giants’ plan for the second overall pick was simple: Quarterback Sam Darnold if he’s there; otherwise, running back Saquon Barkley or defensive end Bradley Chubb.

The Ravens will be thinking about wide receiver and offensive line with this pick, but like the Packers, they could use some rebooting in their 3-4 with Wink Martindale taking over the scheme and Terrell Suggs turning 36 in October. Davenport can turn into a Suggs-like dynamo while learning from the veteran in a situational role at first.

The Chargers are nasty on the edges with Joey Bosa and Melvin Ingram, but they could use more explosiveness inside to round out what has the makings of an elite defense in 2018. Payne has Bosa-like short-area speed and can add to opponents’ backfield nightmares.

There are some things football fans already know about teams’ schedules for next season. First off, every team will obviously play its conference rivals twice a year.

Secondly, the annual inter-conference battles between entire divisions have already been decided: AFC East vs. NFC North, AFC North vs. NFC South, AFC South vs. NFC East and AFC West vs. NFC West.

Several of those same owners haven’t even been reluctant or reticent about their abject refusal to budge over players protesting during the national anthem. Not even a full day after Kraft’s Meek Mill visit and his praise of the players’ advocacy came the news of the Bengals’ attempt to strong-arm free agent Eric Reid into backing down from kneeling during the anthem.

Which, again, follows the unambiguous statements from Bob McNair and Stephen Ross earlier in the offseason, not to mention the reported debates at the recent owners meetings between those who wanted strict prohibitions on protesting and those who did not.seahawks_090

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