About Lydstone Design

I am an English graduate with a background in event management and administration. As part of this, I have been responsible for several high-profile marketing campaigns, including writing editorial and co-ordinating design.

I have also been involved for many years with my Mum's kennel of Golden Retrievers. In 2003, we asked a friend of mine to build a website to showcase the dogs and their successes. Once this was up and running, I learnt how to maintain the site and update it, changing the layout and adding new pages.

The show society where I was working at the time needed their website renovated, and I was given the task of liaising with the designers, writing the text and creating the layout. When the new site went live, it became my role to make the day to day changes. This pattern repeated itself in my next job, and all the time I was still looking after my Mum's site.

Because I have learnt all my website skills as I have gone along, with a large element of trial and error, I know how to build a user-friendly site that can be maintained without needing a degree in computer science!

In spring 2010, I gave birth to my daughter, Genevieve, who changed my world completely. I have decided that I want to be a full-time Mummy to her while she is little. This has led me to take my web design skills a stage further, branching out into complete site creation. This will hopefully enable me to work from home and balance my career around my role as a mother.

I have chosen the name Lydstone Design because my kennel affix is Lydstone, and although I have not bred any litters for many years, I have still maintained my affix with the Kennel Club. If circumstances allow I hope to have a dog again in the future!